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If you have a question or are experiencing a problem with ESET Endpoint Encryption, and can't find a solution in our Knowledgebase, please submit a support ticket below.

Please provide as much information as possible, this will help us assist you more quickly.


Steps to recreate the issue 

Knowing the context of an issue, including the steps to reproduce it and actions taken before it occurs will enable us to diagnose and see the issue for ourselves in house.



Taking screenshots often helps us to understand an issue in context.


Run our diagnostics utility

Our diagnostics utility collects information we commonly need. This includes the version of ESET Endpoint Encryption installed, the Operating System and other pertinent information. The diagnostics utility can be downloaded by visiting


Workstation log (managed clients)

If the machine experiencing this problem is managed by an ESET Endpoint Encryption Server, please attach the corresponding Workstation log for the affected machine. As shown by this article:


Blue Screen

If you are experiencing a Blue Screen (BSOD), more detailed information is required to help us determine the cause of the crash. To read the guide on how to collect this information visit


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