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We are pleased to announce DESlock+ v4.9.4 is now available for download.

This is a maintenance release which includes:

- Improvement: Performing a Windows 10 feature update using an OEM version of Windows 10 removes the configuration settings added by DESlock which enable seamless updates. Added self-healing to ensure the configuration settings persist.  
- Hotfix: The fast startup/hibernate fix added in 4.9.2 could cause a blue screen (BSOD) related to power during startup on some machines.

- Hotfix: FDE metadata was not being protected by the fix introduced in v4.9.0 when using a TPM, this could result in the metadata becoming corrupted. This release corrects the metadata on affected systems on installation during upgrade.

For the full change-log of new improvements, features and bugfixes, downloads and documentation can be found here: DESlock+ Download Page.

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