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We are pleased to announce DESlock+ v4.9.2 is now available for download.

This release includes new features, improvements and fixes:

  • (UEFI only) New: Maintenance mode. Allows controlled bypass of pre-boot authentication to allow a system to reboot without a user being present. This is useful when performing Windows updates or other system maintenance. This feature is disabled by default, for more information and details on how to enable see:
  • (UEFI only) Fix: On Windows 10 Creators (1703) or earlier, files on the UEFI System Partition (ESP) could become corrupted if data is written to the ESP when booting with fast startup or resuming from hibernate. Microsoft have fixed this issue in Windows Fall Creators (1709), however this update provides a fix for users of previous versions. For more information see :
  • Fix: Recovery of a Full Disk Encryption login password may not persist if recovery is performed when the system is resumed from hibernate or during fast startup.

For the full change-log of new improvements, features and bugfixes, downloads and documentation can be found here: DESlock+ Download Page.


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