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We are pleased to announce DESlock+ v4.9.0 and Enterprise Server v2.9.2 are now available for download.

It is strongly recommended that systems which were initially Full Disk Encrypted using version 4.8.17, be upgraded to 4.9.0.

These releases include new features, improvements and fixes:

  • New: DESlock+ now supports the Windows 10 Feature Updates (in-place upgrades) process seamlessly while workstations are Full Disk Encrypted.
  • New: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Support. For more information see:
  • New: Automatic Full Disk Encryption. For more information see:
  • New: Monthly Subscription licensing support has now been added.
  • New: (UEFI only) Graphical bootloader with onscreen touch keyboard support.
  • New: (UEFI only) Graphical bootloader pre-boot login page banner can be customised. For more information see:


  • Hotfix: Additional protection of disk clusters containing FDE metadata to prevent third-party processes from overriding file locking and relocating bootloader code and data. This prevents boot-time failures under version 4.8.17 which was recalled on 23rd August 2017.
  • Hotfix: Checking for and protection of relocated FDE metadata which may occur on systems which were initially full-disk encrypted with version 4.8.17.
  • Fix: Self Enrolment issue concerning workstations with multiple network adapters.
  • Improvement: Improved Alt-Gr support for keyboards during pre-boot authentication.
  • Improvement: Improved experience on high-DPI displays and tablets.

DESlock+ Enterprise Server

  • Added: (UEFI only) New Workstation Policy for caching the FDE login username at pre-boot. For more information see:
  • Fix: Problem with Active Directory sync error caused by failed database upgrades.
  • Fix: Licence resync issues.
  • Fix: Javascript error when no users were found in an LDAP query.
  • Improvement: Admin password reset tool can now unlock any System Admin account.
  • Improvement: Improved Reporting including new Reports.
  • Updated: Version of libCurl to 7.55.1.

For the full change-log of new improvements, features and bugfixes, downloads and documentation can be found here: DESlock+ Download Page.

Automatic updates for the DESlock+ client will be available immediately.

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