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We are pleased to announce that DESlock+ v4.8.16 is now available for download. This release is important for users experiencing problems with over installing or repairing the DESlock+ client or navigating Windows Explorer windows while Removable Media is connected.

This is a maintenance release which includes:

Hotfix: Full Disk Encryption. Fixed a problem which affected the previous versions installation process when over installing, or performing an installation repair, when Full Disk Encrypted. The installation would appear to hang and/or the machine could blue screen (BSOD).

Hotfix: Removable Media Encryption. Fixed a problem introduced in v4.8.15 which would cause Windows Explorer to hang when inserting Removable Media. This would also cause the machine to hang during shutdown.

For the full change-log of new features and bug fixes, downloads and documentation can be found here: DESlock+ Download Page.

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