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We are pleased to announce that DESlock+ v4.8.11 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server v2.7.1 are now available for download.

These releases include new features, improvements and fixes:


  • New utility Bootloader Keyboard Manager allows management of which keyboard layouts are available in the pre-boot authentication. This can be accessed via a new page in Settings.
  • Virtual Disks are now supported on UNC (network) paths.
  • Encryption status of Workstations is now available via the notification area icon.

DESlock+ Enterprise Server

  • Now available in Polish, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
  • Replaced Alerts with a more comprehensive Events logging system.
  • Added support for formatting time in time zone other than in UTC.
  • Minor user interface improvements - for more information regarding this, please read: KB390.


For the full change-log of new features and bugfixes, downloads and documentation can be found here: DESlock+ Download Page.

Automatic update of the DESlock+ client will be published in approximately one week (see KB347 for more information).

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