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Error "Unable to read from Drive" displayed when connecting USB drive
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When a new USB drive is inserted, ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) attempts to read from the drive. If this read fails an "Unable to read from Drive :" message is displayed.


There are several reasons why this might occur :

1: The drive has its own hardware encryption

USB drives that have hardware encryption block access to the drive until the it is unlocked.

In this case, the drive cannot be encrypted with EEE, simply check the "Don't show again for this drive" box and dismiss the error.

2: Another product is installed that blocks access to USB drives

Some encryption and security products can be configured to block access to USB drives. Change the product settings to allow access to this drive. If this is not possible try disabling or uninstalling the product, then see if this message continues to be displayed.

3: There is a fault with the drive

Check the drive on another system and make sure it is working correctly.

4: Windows 2000, EEE version 4.0.5 & Safe Removal

This message can be displayed if a drive has not been safely removed and is then reconnected. In this case no other USB drives can be used until the system is rebooted. This is a known problem with version 4.0.5 and a fix will be available in a future version. You can work around this problem by always safely removing USB drives on Windows 2000.

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