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Can I install the ESET Endpoint Encryption client on a Windows Server?
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You can install the client software on a (Windows) server in order to perform encryption although this is unusual.   In most environments the hardware is physically secured so is at less risk than laptops and devices which are taken off site on a regular basis.

Full Disk Encryption

While Full Disk Encryption can prevent access to data in the event of theft, it will not provide extra protection against attackers accessing the server to obtain data remotely during its normal use.

Due to the different hardware provided for servers and variety of disk controllers you must test for compatibility on a spare machine before encrypting the disk or disks.  The following things should be kept in mind:

  • Whilst RAID is a standard the implementations of it vary greatly.  Therefore it is not realistically possible for us to test every combination.
  • If hardware RAID is used and your tests run successfully, you will not experience any problems with ESET Endpoint Encryption Full Disk Encryption.
    • Any firmware or driver updates for the RAID controller must be tested prior to use as these may alter the operation of the controller in a way that makes it incompatible with our software.
  • We do not support software RAID and/or Windows dynamic disks.
  • While testing has confirmed that our software works with the ICHx INTEL chipset it has only been tested on specific machines.  Due to the hybrid (software/hardware) nature of this RAID system the motherboard manufacturer is able to modify a number of parameters within the BIOS build that could make the system incompatible.       
  • Starting/restarting the system once full disk encrypted will require a user at the machine enters the credentials, it will not be possible to do this remotely using remote connection software.  Some hardware interfaces may be able to allow input at this point.
  • You should also ensure you have tested your disaster recovery procedure before deployment. 

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