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How do I access the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server from a remote location both on and off site?
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By default the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server uses HTTP communication on port 80 if available. If port 80 is not available during install time, the pre-install will offer the user the choice of a different port on which to enable HTTP.

It is possible to enable SSL on port 443 or a port of your choosing.

On site

In order to access your EEE Server from another machine on the same network, you should ensure the machine on which the EEE Server is installed has been assigned a static ip address, and/or DNS is correctly configured to allow the machine address to be resolved by a known name each time. You should also ensure there is no firewall blocking access on either the chosen HTTP or HTTPS ports.

To access the server machine across the LAN either use the IP address or machine name as the website address in the browsers address bar e.g.



Off site

In order to access your EEE Server from a machine outside the corporate network, you will need to configure your network to pass the protocol (either HTTP or HTTPS) through your firewall or NAT router to the machine hosting the EEE Server. You should ensure there is no firewall blocking the required ports on either the enterprise server machine itself, or the firewall.

When you are not logged onto your work network, you can still access you EEE Server to perform administrative tasks. However, before doing so, you will need to ensure that the appropriate firewall port on your router has been opened.

You will need to open a web browser and type the address of your router with the port followed by /dlpes.

e.g. http://123.456.789.10:80/dlpes

This will then get you to your EEE Server login page.

The default HTTPS port number for the EEE Server is 443.

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