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How do I resync my licences?
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If you are an Enterprise Server administrator and you have purchased additional licences, renewed your Subscription licence or Support and Maintenance or even upgraded your licence type, you will need to resync your licence so that it displays the new details. To do this, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Log onto your Enterprise Server and select 'Organisation: #Name#'
  • Select the 'Licences' tab and then click the relevant licences pool and click 'Details' (circled below)

  • A new window will open and in the top left hand corner of the window there will be a 'Resync' button (circled below), which you will need to click 

  • Upon clicking the 'Resync' button, you should have a dialog box appear informing you that the voucher licence total on your voucher has been increased and what the new licence count is. Click the close button and you can continue to use the Enterprise Server normally.

  • The Enterprise Server will now update.
  • You will then need to update your managed clients' licenses, by Posting the Key-File: 


In such a case that you have successfully carried out the step by step instructions above and your licences haven't updated:

  • Check the Product ID you have been sent with your confirmation of purchase, matches your current Product ID (You may have been sent a new licence rather than an upgrade to the existing licence)
  • If your Product ID's don't match you will have to contact your supplier in order to have this rectified.


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