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How to enable ESET Endpoint Encryption Go logging
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If you are experiencing problems using ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Go you may be requested by our support team to recreate the issue with diagnostic logging enabled.  The following steps detail how to perform this process.

The log file option is only available in EEE Go v1.60.0 Build 55 or later.  To check the version of EEE Go being used please see this article: KB326 - How do I find which version of ESET Endpoint Encryption Go is being used?

  • Ensure EEE Go is currently running and the tray bar icon is present.
  • Hold the Ctrl key and right click on the tray icon.


  • Click the Logging... menu option.
  • Browse to a suitable folder to save the logfile and enter a filename to use.

  • Right click the EEE Go tray icon.
  • Click Exit & Secure Drive.
  • Run EEE Go again.
  • When prompted to Continue with logging enabled, choose Yes.

  • Recreate the problem being experienced.
  • To disable logging exit and restart EEE Go, then choose No to logging when prompted to Continue with logging enabled.

Please attach the generated logfile to your support ticket.


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