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How do I backup my Key-File?
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It is highly recommended that you do not save your Key-File on to the same machine on which the Key-File was generated. The reason for this is that in the eventuality that you forget your Key-File password and the stored backup is within an encrypted area, then the Key-File will be inaccessible and therefore you will be unable to re-gain access. We suggest a network drive or preferably a removable media device which is not encrypted, as a suitable location to save a Key-File backup.

To perform a Key-File back up you will need to perform the following steps;

  • Right-click the ESET Endpoint Encryption Icon in the Notification Area (also known as the System Tray) and click Backup Key-File  

Standalone Menu Backup Key-File

  • When the ESET Endpoint Encryption Key-File Backup window pops up, click the 'Browse' button to select the location to which you wish to save your Key-File and the click 'OK'.

Standalone Key-File backup window











 In addition, please be aware that the creation or addition of subsequent encryption keys will require you to take new Key-File backups.  

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