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Why can't I encrypt certain folders?
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Using ESET Endpoint Encryption Folder Encryption, almost any folder on the system can be encrypted. Some system folders cannot be encrypted, these are:



C:\Program Files

C:\Program Files (x86)  (64bit systems only)

C:\Documents and Settings  (Windows XP)

C:\Users  (Windows Vista or later)


However, there are some exceptions within User profiles, those folders within C:\Users or C:\Documents and Settings.


You can encrypt sub-folders on the Desktop, but not the Desktop itself.

You can encrypt sub-folders in My Documents or Documents, folder name depends on your Windows version.


You must not encrypt redirected folders that normally are located within the User profile, for example the Desktop or Documents folders themselves.

Doing this can prevent Windows from loading your profile correctly or may cause problems accessing the applications when ESET Endpoint Encryption is not logged in to your Key-File.

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