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Full Disk Encryption Maintenance Mode 3.0.1
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What is Maintenance Mode?

Maintenance Mode is a feature that allows a Full Disk Encrypted (FDE) Workstation to restart without requiring the user to authenticate in the pre-boot environment.  This may be used by system administrators that are working remotely and wish to restart Windows but there is no one physically present to enter credentials at the pre-boot screen. 

This feature can be useful when performing software updates or configuration changes that require restarts of Windows to complete.

This feature is optional and disabled by default. Once the configured period or number of restarts without authentication has been reached authentication is required once more.

IMPORTANT: While Maintenance Mode is enabled on a workstation, the system will boot with no authentication and thus is not secure from attack.


Enabling Maintenance Mode

You can now enable maintenance mode via the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEES).

Note: You can select multiple workstations at once to apply this. Not selecting any, will automatically apply this to all workstations.

  1. Access your workstations tab
  2. Select Pre-Boot Authentication

3.Select Disable/Enable from the drop down.

4.Disabling Pre-Boot Authentication allows you to choose one of the three options (Hours, Date/Time, Reboots)



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