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How to release a client license in the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server
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You may want to free up a license in your EEE Server if you require to license another user and all your licenses are currently being used, your License Details should look similar to this:

There are two methods in which you can do this:

Suspending a User’s License

Deleting a User

Suspending a User’s License

Option One:

  • Click Yes to the Suspend license confirmation

Option Two:

  • Click on your Organisation Name
  • Select the Licences tab and then highlight the relevant licence and click Details.

  • A new window will open, click the Licensed Users tab. Here you can select the user that you want to suspend the license for and click Suspend License.

  • Click Yes to the Suspend license confirmation

Once you have suspended a license for a user you License details should now look similar to this:

Deleting a User

To do this delete a user, navigate to the user from the EEE Server and click to highlight them. Click the Delete button as shown below.


If you are deleting a user that is current active on a Workstation you will then be presented with the dialog shown below, you should only continue with deleting the user if it is no longer required and the workstation/s that it is being used on no longer require any updates (i.e. Decryption). You will need to click the Yes button to continue with the delete.

At which point you will be shown the user interface below which will require you to input the EEE Server admin password to confirm the deletion of the user.

Click the Delete button and the user will be removed from the Enterprise Server.
This will revoke their license, therefore freeing the license to be used with another user.

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