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How do I perform a PSID Revert on my OPAL disk?
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What is a PSID and where can I find it?

PSID stands for Physical Security ID. It is a unique 32-character alphanumeric identifier for OPAL capable disks. It is required to perform a PSID Revert on them. Normally, the PSID is printed on the disk label as a 32 character string.

What is a PSID Revert?

PSID Revert is the process of erasing an OPAL locked disk and unlocking the drive. You may need to perform a PSID Revert if your OPAL disk is currently locked, as shown by this article here:

KB528 - Error - "The disk specified is locked (0xC00B004F)"

Performing a PSID Revert

If you wish to completely erase or unlock your OPAL encrypted disk, you must perform a PSID Revert process. This will ERASE ALL DATA on the disk and is irreversible.

Important: If Windows is accessible, then ensure you have backed up all important data from the disk before performing a PSID Revert.

Step 1: Creating a bootable OPAL recovery USB device

  • You will require a blank USB device formatted as FAT32. Ensure any important data is moved off the USB device before formatting it as FAT32.
  • Download the following file:
  • Unzip the file and copy the efi folder to the root of the formatted USB drive. You USB device should look like this:

Step 2: Booting the USB device on the workstation

  • On the machine experiencing the problem, enter the system BIOS settings and turn off Secure Boot. Please note, this is temporary.
  • Save and exit the BIOS and turn the machine off.
  • Insert the USB device and boot the machine holding the necessary key to access the boot menu. Consult the machine's manual for guidance on how to access the boot menu.
  • Select the USB device from the boot menu and press Enter to boot from it.
  • If the device has booted correctly, you will see the image below.
ESET Endpoint Encryption OPAL Recovery Utility v1.04
Copyright (c) ESET, spol. s r.o. 1992-2019. All rights reserved.

Enumerating Disks...
Found disk: MTFDDAV256TBN-1AR15ABHA                     -OPAL
Enumeration complete.
Please select the disk you would like to recover
[1] : MTFDDAV256TBN-1AR15ABHA                    (Serial:UGXVR01J7AK9HZ)
Enter the number next to the disk :
  • Enter the number of the disk you wish to decrypt and press Enter.
  • The utility will then present the list of available processes, like so:
Available processes
[1] : Attempt recovery from incomplete setup
[2] : Decrypt using admin credentials
[3] : Erase disk completely! (PSID revert)
[0] : Quit
Please select process to perform on the disk: _

Step 3: Performing the PSID Revert

2. Type the number for Erase disk completely! (PSID revert) from the menu and press Enter.

3. Read the on-screen warning. If you wish to proceed, press Y on your keyboard. 

4. Enter the PSID when prompted and press Enter to complete the process.

5. Enter the BIOS again and turn Secure Boot back on.

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