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The client is using an incorrect RSA key: Error (0XC0100008)
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When a Proxy Sync is performed on a server the user is presented the error “The client is using an incorrect RSA key (0Xc0100008)" as shown in the screenshot below.




When an MSI package from one organisation is installed on a client, then an activation code from another organisation which is on the same Enterprise Server is used, it will cause this error. This is because the RSA key from the MSI package is not the same as the activation code RSA key, therefore it’s trying to talk to an organisation whilst using a package from another organisation.



To resolve this issue there are two methods to do so, please follow one set of these instructions -


Uninstalling and Reinstalling DESlock+ -

Step 1 - Remove DESlock+ from the workstation KB329 - Uninstalling DESlock+ 

Step 2 - Install DESlock+ from the correct organisation KB253 - Installing a managed version of DESlock+ 

Step 3 - Activate DESlock+ with an activation key from the same organisation KB216 - How do I activate a new client? 


Applying a new Workstation setting file - 

Step 1 - Apply the new Workstation Settings File

On the Enterprise Server navigate to the Organisation in which the user is activated within. Click on ‘Workstations’ in the left hand pane and in the right hand window click on the ‘Workstation Policy’ tab and click the ‘Download Settings File’ button. Save the .reg file to a memory stick or network location which the client machine will be able to access. Copy the .reg file to the client machine and click it to run it. When asked ‘If you want to make changes to the registry’ click ‘Yes’, then reboot the workstation.

Step 2 - Reset Activation 

Follow this article to reset the activation:

KB383 - How to reset the activation process of a managed client



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