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Windows enters Automatic Repair when starting Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
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When attempting to start Full Disk Encryption on a Legacy (MBR) BIOS machine running Windows 10 1809, Windows will enter Automatic Repair.

This can also occur when a system is already Full Disk Encrypted and is updated to Windows 10 1809 from a previous Windows version.  



This is a known issue with DESlock+ 4.9.4 on Legacy systems running Windows 10 1809 (October and November builds). 

This does NOT affect UEFI systems. 



The next version of DESlock+ will fix this problem, however if you need to encrypt the machine you can rollback the machine to an earlier version of Windows 10, such as 1803.

Alternatively you can re-install Windows in UEFI mode. 

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