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DESlock+ Menu Settings
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DESlock+ allows for Users to change how certain aspects of DESlock+ behaves on their local machine. Users can do this via a settings menu located in their task bar by right clicking the DESlock+ icon and clicking settings as seen in the screenshot below. 

If as a managed User you are unable to see the settings option please refer to this article and turn on Enable Settings Modification KB251 - How do I modify group policy?



When the User clicks settings they will be presented with the Window shown above. The purpose of these settings are as follows.

Show splashscreen during start up - The DESlock splashscreen will appear once the User is logged into the system.

Enable Encrypt and Send - Enables/disables users to use the Encrypt and Send feature in Outlook.

Double clicking on the tray icon - When the User double clicks on the DESlock icon on the task bar this determines what that action does.

Action taken after decrypting file - After a User decrypts a file they can choose whether to delete, leave or ask what is done with the encrypted file. 


Within the Full Disk Encryption tab the options are as follows. 

Full Disk Password - This option will open the Change FDE Password window as shown in this article - KB316 - How do I change my Full Disk Encryption password?

Bootloader Keyboard Manager - This will open a window whereby users can add/remove keyboard layouts to the pre-boot authentication screen. For more information refer to this article - KB419 - How to use the Bootloader Keyboard Manager

Full Disk Encryption - This will open a window which shows the status of the connected drives, whether they are encrypted or not encrypted. 


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