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How do I Backup or Migrate my Enterprise Server (v2.10.10 and later)
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The following article relates to creating a Full Enterprise Server backup version 2.10.10+



The following guide will create a backup of all your Organisations:

Access the Control Panel by hovering over the Organisation menu icon in the menu bar and select Control Panel or by accessing an Organisation Control Panel from the initial management console logon page.

Logon Page:


Console Menu Bar:


 Select Server Backup

Select Backup Server

The dialog will show the backup in progress and display where the backup file is located.



Important: If you are migrating from an existing Enterprise Server v2.10.10 you should ensure that the original Enterprise Server is no longer running. Having two Enterprise Servers in existence using the same Proxy ID will cause a loss of update packets from the DESlock+ Cloud. You should stop and disable the DESlock+ Enterprise Server Console and DESlock+ Enterprise Server Service on the original server and ensure their Startup type is set to disabled.

Restoring an Enterprise Server is done via the setup wizard. Simply install the new version of the Enterprise Server as normal, but copy the backup file to the Enterprise Server folder before launching the setup wizard.

During the installation, the Enterprise Server folder will be created usually in the path as below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DESlock+ Enterprise Server

This is where you should insert the file generated from the original Enterprise Server you are attempting to move.

Once the installation is complete the following window will appear. At this point, insert the file.

Click Launch to start the 'Setup Wizard'.

If this is done correctly, you should see the initial page in the setup wizard.

Click Next.

If this window hasn't appeared, you should check that you have inserted the file to the correct location, then press F5 to refresh the browser.

If you wish to restore from the backup file shown, then select the Restore from backup option.

The wizard will then continue in restore mode, as shown below. In this mode, certain fields will be marked read only as they were set during the original installation of the Enterprise Server before the backup was made.

Click Next

Your Enterprise Server should then be restored to the point at which the backup was taken.





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