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How do I move an Organisation to a new Enterprise Server (v2.9.3 and earlier to v2.10.10 and later)
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This article is meant to help facilitate moving Organisations from the older Enterprise Server database structure to the new database structure.


If you are currently in the process of consolidating the Enterprise Servers you are managing please follow the steps below.


Restoring a backup file from an earlier version of the Enterprise Server (v2.9.3 and earlier) to a later version of the Enterprise Server (v2.10.10 and later) is not supported.


Restoring Enterprise Server backups is only supported through similar versions.


1: Create a backup from your Enterprise Server (v2.9.3 and earlier) please see our article below: 

KB296 - Backing up the Enterprise Server, or migrating an Enterprise Server to a new host


2: Upgrade your Enterprise Server Legacy (v2.9.3 and earlier) to v2.10.10. Please see our article below:

KB202 - How to upgrade the Enterprise Server  


3: Create a backup for your Organisation then Restore the Organisation backup into your new Enterprise Server (v2.10.10 and later) please see our article below:

KB487 - How do I create or restore an organisation (v2.10.10 and later)



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