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How do I upgrade my trial licence to a full licence?
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Following a trial of ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE), please follow these steps to upgrade your trial licence to a full licence:

  • Purchase a full licence from your chosen vendor. Important: ensure the vendor converts your trial licence to a full licence.
  • Once your trial licence has been converted to a full licence, you must resynchronise the licence details in the software. To do this, ensure you are currently logged in to EEE as detailed here: KB270 - How do I login to or logout of ESET Endpoint Encryption?
  • Right-click the EEE icon in your Notification Area.

  • Select Licence, then select Licence Wizard.
  • This will launch the licence wizard, simply follow the wizard to apply the full, live licence to your software. 


If you're upgrading a Personal Licence, see KB article here: KB305 - Upgrading from a Personal Licence to a Purchased Licence and maintaining access to existing encrypted data

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