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How do I upgrade my trial licence to a full licence?
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Purchasing an upgrade to your trial licence to make it a full licence can be done by either buying through a reseller or by buying direct from DESlock+.

note: When upgrading from a trial licence to a full licence there is no need to decrypt your data as the status of the licence has no impact on the encryption status of your data, therefore you can continue working normally.

To buy from a reseller

Go to the DESlock+ website ( and click 'Buy Now'. This will provide you with a list of approved resellers with whom you can contact to purchase your upgrade.


To buy direct from DESlock+

Go to the DESlock+ website ( and click 'Buy Now' and on the next web page click 'Buy Now' again. The following web page will present you with your purchasing options, these will consist of DESlock+ Standard and Professional licences. Of these two licence types, you will have the option of buying them in a Perpetual or Subscription capacity, these differ as follows;


This licence type means that you own the licence and only have to subscribe to support and maintenance annually if you wish to receive telephone and email support. In addition, subscribing to support and maintenance means that you qualify to upgrade your version of DESlock+ to the latest version which will include new features and bug fixes. Your initial payment will include your first years annual support and maintenance.



This licence type means that you rent the licence (annual support and maintenance is included in the price) and the amount that you pay will will be the same each year plus the proportionate amount of inflation. 


Once you have purchased your upgrade you will need to apply it to your current install, to do this;

  • Ensure you are have logged in to DESlock+ as detailed here: How do I login or logout of DESlock+?
  • Right click the DESlock+ icon in your Notification Area.
  • Select 'Licence' at the top of the tray menu.
  • Select 'Licence Wizard'.This will then launch the licence wizard, simply follow the wizard to upgrade your version, which will add the purchased features. Once the upgrade has completed, you will have a full version of DESlock+ depending on the version you have purchased.




If you're upgrading a Personal Licence, see KB article here: - 'Upgrading from a Personal Licence to a Purchased Licence and maintaining access to existing encrypted data'

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