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Error "This copy of windows is not installed on the Primary Boot drive" displayed when starting Full Disk Encryption
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When you attempt Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on a client workstation, the following error appears and you are unable to start FDE.

You may also see this error in the events of the Enterprise Server when you attempt a Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on a managed workstation.



The System and Boot Partitions are located on separate disks, similar to the image below:

This is possibly due to your workstation containing more than one disk where the operating system was re-installed separately or the disk hasn't been cleaned prior to re-installation, resulting in Windows installing the two components on separate disks.



You will need to ensure that the System and Boot Partitions are located on the same disk as shown in the image below:

This may entail making a backup of your data and having to re-install the Operating System with only 1 disk present or after cleaning the disks using diskpart.



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