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How do I set up my Enterprise Server? v2.7.0 and earlier
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This article refers to setting up DESlock+ in a managed capacity, however if you are trying to setup DESlock+ in a Standalone capacity, please click this link which will take you to our relevant article that will guide you through the process.


The simplest way to setup the DESlock+ Enterprise Server is to use the pre-install package. This includes the Enterprise Server and all the necessary pre-requisites, SQL, Apache, PHP etc.


Download and run the pre-install, click 'Start'. Once the Enterprise Server and pre-requsites are installed click 'Launch' to open the setup wizard in your default browser.

The Enterprise Server requires an internet connection, for licensing and access to the DESlock+ Proxy. Click 'Next' on the welcome page and the wizard will check for an internet connection.

If an internet connection is not available you will now be presented with the following window. If you use a proxy server to access the internet, then enter the details.

Enterprise Server Setup Wizard


In the following window, enter your DESlock+ Proxy ID, this will have been sent to you in the Enterprise Server Licence email. Click 'Next'.



 You will then be given the option of which deployment proxy settings you wish implement, you should use the DESlock+ cloud unless you have alternative arrangements. Click 'Next'.



You will need to accept the defaults for the following windows by clicking 'Next' then 'Next' again and then you will be presented with the window below.



Supply the name of your establishment/organisation in the 'Organisation Name' field and choose an administrator password.

Click 'Next and then click 'Finish' on the final screen.


You will now be prompted to log into the Enterprise Server using the admin username and password which you've just set.


Once logged into the Enterprise Server, there are some additonal configuration tasks details here:


For further information on how to use the DESlock+ Enterprise Server please see the user guide or the help available from the Enterprise Server.



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