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The ESET Endpoint Encrpytion (EEE) managed clients allow administrators to display some Help desk information for users in the EEE system tray menu.

This can be achieved by editing the Workstation Policy Help desk Options from the EEE Server interface.

To configure the Help desk message text, please follow the article below and add the text you wish the users to see in the panel:

KB229 - How do I modify workstation policy? 



Descriptions of the Help desk Options text below:


Help desk mesage text

Message text to be shown in the help desk pop-up window.

If this value is empty, no help desk menu will be displayed in the client software. This feature is only available in clients 4.3.107 or later. You should enter \n for new lines.

Help desk menu text, and message title

The text of the menu entry displayed in the EEE system menu, if help desk message text has been defined.

If this value is empty, the default menu text is "Help Desk".

Help desk URL

A custom URL that can be included at the bottom of the help desk pop-up window. This can be used for example to forward users to a web page for help desk related issues.

This value can be omitted in which case no hyperlink control will be displayed.

If specified, you should include the appropriate scheme, such as http:// or mailto:


  • Update the Policy by clicking the Update Policy button which is detailed in our article below:

KB229 - How do I modify workstation policy? 

  • You can then manually sync the user's Workstation to view the Help desk menu.

KB195 - How do I manually synchronise the ESET Endpoint Encryption Client and Server? 


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