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How can I delete a Key-File?
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If you are a standalone user, it is sometimes necessary to delete the DESlock+ Key-File.

This may be required for the following reasons:

  • If you have forgotten your password to access DESlock+
  • If you have set up another machine with DESlock+ and generated a new Key-File but want the new machine's encryption to correspond to your existing one.
Deleting your key-file will delete your Encryption Keys. Ensure encrypted data has been decrypted before deleting your key-file.


To delete your Key-File, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1

Ensure you are logged out of DESlock+. If you are logged in, then right-click the DESlock+ Icon in the Notification Area (also known as the System Tray) and select 'Logout'


Step 2

Right click on the DESlock+ Icon and select 'Key-File Utility'


Step 3

Select 'Backup and Reset Key-File to blank' and click 'Reset'


Step 4

Select the location of where you would like to backup your Key-File and click 'OK'


Step 5

A confirmation window will now be displayed confirming that you have backed up your Key-File to the specified path and that your Key-File has been reset to a blank state. Click 'OK'


From this point you will have the option of setting up a new Key-File or restoring your Key-File from one that you have previously saved. This can be on your current machine or from one of your other or previous machines.

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