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Why does the folder encryption process make a plain backup?
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After encrypting a folder, DESlock+ will have created a backup of the original data and will prompt the user to keep or discard this copy, as shown below:

Leave Plain Text backup

This is done to ensure the encryption process completes successfully and to avoid potential loss of data should the encryption process be interrupted. By making a backup in this manner, DESlock+ can easily encrypt the folder whilst safeguarding against data loss from unexpected computer failure.

Although leaving this data after encryption could be considered a security risk, it is advisable to keep the folder until you have manually checked the encrypted data and you can then securely delete the backup folder using the DESlock+ Shredder. The DESlock+ Shredder will completely erase the folder once the user is sure the encryption process was sucessful.

Please note that if you choose to discard the folder from the Wizard, DESlock+ will currently not use the shredder automatically to remove the folder.

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