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Active Directory user is missing from their team
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You are searching for a user that has been added via an Active Directory sync but does not appear in the appropriate Enterprise Server team.


The user has been Deleted from Active Directory

To confirm this has happened:

  • Select the root of Users in the left hand panel of the Enterprise Server.
  • On the right hand side in the main panel select Include Sub Teams from the drop down box labelled All Users.

  • Select Orphaned from Directory (this is depicted by a Charcoal coloured user symbol) You will then see the users that have been deleted that were connected to Active Directory.


From the user details you can Unlink them or Revoke the licence if you wish. Please see the article below:

KB262 - Explanation of Enterprise Server user states


The user has been Deleted from the Enterprise Server

To confirm this has happened:

  • Select the Active Directory tab in Enterprise Server.
  • From the drop down box on the right hand side, there will be options for linked, unlinked, ignored, all users.

  • Select Ignored.
  • Then search for your user.


From here you can highlight the user and click Unignore. Please see the article below:

KB436 - Explanation of Active Directory user states



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