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Why can I view the contents of an encrypted folder on a machine without DESlock+?
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Suppose you have a removable drive on which is stored an encrypted folder. When the removable disk is used on a machine with DESlock+ installed then when the encryption key is not available, access to the folder will be denied and the folder may optionally be hidden (depending on the settings chosen.)

However, if this drive is viewed on a machine without DESlock+, then the files and folders within the encrypted folder can be viewed. However, the content of the files themselves will remain encrypted. For example, the folder called "Encrypted Folder" is an encrypted folder.

This occurs because DESlock+ does not modify the file system structure, it is DESlock+ itself that denies access to folders when the encryption key is not available. This means on a machine without DESlock+, there is nothing to prevent a user from browsing the folder contents, although there will be no way to decrypt the files.

If hiding the filenames is a requirement, then we would suggest the use of a DESlock+ Virtual Disk, as the filenames can then only be viewed once the file has been mounted and this will require the use of DESlock+ and will require the correct encryption key.

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