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How to use the Bootloader Keyboard Manager
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If you currently don't have the keyboard language you desire at the Full Disk Encryption Pre-Boot screen, you can use our 'BootloaderKeyboardManager' to add it.

To find what keyboard map you're curently using, check the bottom left corner of the Pre-Boot screen. In our example, the keyboard map is currently set to US.


Please see our article below for a full list of supported keyboard maps and languages:

KB283 - Keyboard Layouts supported by DESlock+ Pre-boot Authentication (Bootloader)


How to use the Bootloader Keyboard Manager

  • Double click the 'BootloaderKeyboardManager' in the DESlock+ folder, which is usually found in C:\Program Files\

  • Alternatively, in DESlock+ version 4.8.15 or greater you can Right-click on the DESlock+ icon in the system tray and select Settings, select the Full Disk Encryption tab, then click Manage located in the 'Bootloader Keyboard Manager' section.

  • The Keyboard Manager will open and display the default keyboard map you currently have.

  • To add a keyboard, click Add, this will open and display the list of supported keyboard maps.

  • Select the keyboard map you wish to use at the Pre-Boot screen and click Add, then click OK.
  • When you reboot, the key map you have selected should be available for use.





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