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Single Sign-On (SSO) Access Denied after Windows 10 upgrade
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You have SSO enabled and are receiving 'Access Denied' when trying to enter your password at the Pre-boot authentication login after changing your password within the user's Windows profile.

 (Please note that the previous password will still work)



The Windows 10 update removes a setting that SSO requires.

(Please note this applies to any 'in place' Windows 10 upgrade, including Windows 7 to Windows 10, Windows 10 to Windows 10 Anniversary edition as examples)



Method 1

  • From your desktop, Click the Windows Icon and type Programs and Features.
  • Click the 'Programs and Features' setting when it is shown to you.
  • Select DESlock+ and click Repair (please see the image below)

Method 2

  • Run a new installation of the MSI from your Enterprise Server over the top of your current installation. Please follow our article here with instructions of how to do this:  KB253 - Installing a managed version of DESlock+
  • You will be asked by the wizard whether you would like to Repair or Uninstall DESlock+, please click 'Repair


Method 3

  • Open an elevated command prompt and enter the following commands as shown in the image below:

    cd %ProgramFiles%\DESlock+  (this will open the command prompt in the correct location)
    regsvr32 dlpwpflt.dll  (this will correct the .dll)
  • Once completed, a dialog box will appear confirming the .dll has been registered successfully.







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