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ESET Endpoint Encryption Server language selection
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Server Interface Language

As of ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server version 2.7.0, the EEE Server console user interface is avaiable in a number of different interface languages. This allows the console to be used more proficiently by non-English language readers. This feature is available regardless of the language of the operating system the EEE Server is installed upon or used from, and it does not affect the support of the existing language versions of the EEE client.

Language Selection

The login box will allow the user to choose a language at login time. This list will default to the language requested by the web browser, if it is available. Selecting a different language will cause the page to reload to that language. The language can only be changed by logging out and back in again.

Enterprise Server Login Screen

English Language

In an effort to simplify the user experience, the selection of "English" may provide either "British English (en-GB)" or "American English (en-US)". This decision is based on the language requested by the web browser. This selection will be shown next to the EEE Server version number at the bottom right of the screen.

If you wish to have British English, then the web browser must specify "en" or any other sub language (e.g "en-GB") before "en-US".

If you wish to have American English, then the web browser must specify "en-US" before any other version of English.

NB: If you cannot change the browser language, or use a different browser to allow this behaviour, then it is possible to modifer the EEE Server configuration to specify "British English" and "American English" as two different menu choices. Please contact your support representative for guidance.

Changing the browser request language

The browser request language will control the default selection. it can easily be changed. The most common browsers are shown below, but the feature should be available in any modern web browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox language selection

Google Chrome

 Google Chrome language selection

Microsoft Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

Both Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browers take their lanauge selection from the regional settings configured in the Windows control panel. There is no seperate langage choice within the browser.

Windows control panel language selection


Even after the language has been changed, some error messages may still be shown in English or a language other than that selected. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Error messages relayed directly from the EEE web services
  • Error messages and transcripts generated by 3rd part web services (e.g. proxy servers, or mail servers)
  • Error messages reported directly from the SQL Server
  • Error messages generated by the host operating system

Where possible we attempt to trap common such errors in order to provide a correctly localised error text, but there will be cases where this is not possible.

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