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System displays NO_STR when performing Full Disk Encryption Safe Start
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When using ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) and performing a Safe Start Full Disk Encryption process the SafeStart countdown screen shows the text NO_STR.  When Windows loads, the Safe Start process will fail returning the error SafeStart detected compatibility issues 0xC00B003D. This error has been found on Lenovo Thinkpad, ThinkSation and Yoga systems.


While the workstation is reporting to the Operating System and the EEE Server as being a UEFI booting system, the boot process is in fact set to first boot using Legacy Boot (MBR) mode causing the Safe Start process to fail. 

The Boot Mode will be listed as UEFI in the Workstation Details display if you are using an EEE Server.



  • Reboot and enter the BIOS of the machine, to find how to enter the BIOS please consult the manufacturers website.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the Startup section of the BIOS.
  • Set either:

UEFI/Legacy Boot to UEFI


UEFI/Legacy Boot to Both and the UEFI/Legacy Priority option set to UEFI


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