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How do I prevent the System Checked message popup from displaying?
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When the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Client on the user's workstation communicates with the EEE Cloud, a notification popup message will appear showing the communication operation and its success.


Important: Regardless of Workstation Policy, the activity popup will be displayed when logging into the key-file (can occur when logging into Windows) or when performing an Proxy Sync. The Workstation Policy will only hide the background check activity popups. Additionally, the popup will appear if an update is processed. This is shown by a System Checked in green text. The Policy will only hide background checks where no updates are found in the cloud.

If you wish to prevent these dialogs from appearing change the Workstation Policy setting Hide ESET Endpoint Encryption Deployment Client check activity popup (pictured below) to Yes and update the policy on the workstations.  Please see this article for the steps to modify Workstation Policy settings: KB229 - How do I modify workstation policy?


It is also possible to hide/show the activity popup on a per user basis as shown here:

However, if the option to hide the activity popup is manually adjusted at any point, then a registry key is made on the user's machine. This registry key will override the Workstation Policy causing it to be ignored, even if you toggle the option again.

If this option has been adjusted at any point and you want the machine to revert to using the Workstation Poilcy, then you must open the Registry Editor and delete the HideActivityPopup value found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DESlock\Client\CentralCtrl\ and reboot. 

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