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How do I encrypt a memory stick or external disk?
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To perform a full disk encryption of removable storage follow the steps below:

  • Right click on the DESlock+ system tray icon.
  • Select Removable Media\Removable Media Encryption.
  • Select the device to encrypt in the list of drives.
  • Click the Encrypt button.

Alternatively: You may be presented with a pop up box upon inserting the removable device.

  • Click the required method to use.
  • Select the encryption key to use for encryption then click OK.

  • Depending on the method of encryption chosen follow the appropriate section below.



The DESlock+ Go feature will allow the device to be used on Windows machines that do not have DESlock+ installed using a password for authentication.  This can allow you to use the encrypted device when you are on other machines without requiring the installation of software.  Please see here for details: KB24 - How to use DESlock+ Go on a machine without DESlock+ installed

  • Click Yes if you would like to enable the feature.

  • If you have chosen to enable DESlock+ Go you must specify and confirm a password then click the OK button. 
  • If your system is managed by an Enterprise Server password policy requirements must be met as detailed here: KB309 - What is password policy?
  • Once encryption has been setup a notification dialog will appear, click the OK button.

Full Disk

  • Click Yes to the warning the drive will not be able to be used when performing the encryption process.

  • The drive list will show the progress of the encryption process.

  • Once encryption has completed click OK to the notification dialog.


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