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HP ProBook/ProDesk - Keyboard unresponsive after full disk encryption
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With some recent Hewlett Packard (HP) systems you may find that the keyboard is unresponsive to input at the DESlock+ Full Disk Encryption Preboot screen.  This prevents the entry of FDE user credentials stopping the system from starting. 

Specifically the HP ProBook 450 G3, HP ProBook 455 G3, HP ProBook 440 G3 and ProDesk 400 G3 have been shown to exhibit this behaviour.

This problem has been seen with the current v4.8.3 DESlock+ client release. 

The problem is caused by the implementation of the BIOS on these editions of the machines.



When booting the system you should see the version number v2.8 displayed in the top right corner of the screen.  If this is the case restart the machine and boot the system with both shift keys held down.  Once the DESlock+ screen appears release the shift keys and enter your credentials.

Note: With an external keyboard you have to do this when the screen switches from the HP branded screen, just before the DESlock+ bootloader appears.



To resolve this issue:

Download install v4.8.4 or later which can be found here: ESET Endpoint Encryption Download Page. 

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