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My system is slow resuming from hibernate or starting up
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You are experiencing problems with a machine being slow to start Windows or resume from hibernate since the system disk has been full disk encrypted.



You should ensure that you are using client v4.8.0 or later of ESET Endpoint Encryption.  These versions include improvements to the decryption code used before Windows itself is running which can improve performance of normal startup or resume from hibernate operations.  Please see this guide if you are unsure which version you are currently using: KB27 - How do I find which version of ESET Endpoint Encryption is installed?

Additionally disabling Windows Fast Start-up can speed boot performance on some systems.  Please see this guide for details of this process: KB293 - How to disable Windows Fast Start-up

When using hibernate, the more applications and data that have been loaded in the session will increase the time taken to resume.  When storing this data in an encrypted form there is a performance overhead for access to the data.

The operation of hibernating a machine writes the current memory contents to the disk. Therefore it is vital that this information is stored on the disk in an encrypted form to prevent access to the data.


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