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ESET Endpoint Encryption Pre-boot Authentication Keyboard Support
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Since client version 4.8.0 Full Disk Encryption supports many of the Keyboard Layouts available within Windows.

This allows for passwords used during Pre-boot Authentication to be entered using the users normal keyboard and ensures that the chosen passwords can be entered correctly. This includes support for passwords with accented letters and other extended characters.


How it works

When Full Disk Encryption is started and the user chooses a password (or confirms their domain password in the case of SSO), the Keyboard Layout currently being used for input in Windows is used.  This will typically be the default keyboard layout. ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) selects an appropriate Keyboard Layout from the list of supported keyboards and installs it for use during Pre-boot Authentication.

If the use of a different Keyboard Layout is required, the Keyboard Layout must be changed in Windows before encryption is started. If the required Keyboard Layout is not available in Windows, then it must be installed and selected before it will be available for use by EEE. Typically this is not required as EEE automatically selects the Keyboard Layout currently being used in Windows.

In addition to the pre-selected keyboard layout a US Keyboard Layout will be installed, along with a native BIOS mode. These alternative Keyboard Layouts can be selected by pressing F2 which will cycle through the installed Keyboard Layouts.

For a full list of the supported Keyboard Layouts, please see KB283: Keyboard Layouts supported by ESET Endpoint Encryption Pre-boot Authentication (Bootloader)

UEFI and Touch Screen Support

From v4.9.0 and later, UEFI workstations now support an improved graphical interface including 'on screen keyboard'.

This is also supported on '2 in 1' devices where laptops can be converted to operate as tablet devices.



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