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Error 0xC0100019 displayed when performing a Proxy Sync
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When you login to the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server or manually performing a Proxy Sync the error Proxy Sync Failed  The Database connection could not be initialized (0xC0100019) is displayed.



This message indicates problem with database access by the EEE Server.

There are two known solutions to this error code listed below.  If neither of these resolve the problem you are experiencing, please contact support.


1. Install Native Client

The Microsoft SQL 2005 Native Client should be installed.  Install this then reattempt the Proxy Sync operation.  The SQL Native Client 2005 can be obtained from Microsoft:


2. Restart Service

  • Press Windows Key+R
  • Enter services.msc then click OK to load the Services control panel.
  • In the list of services locate the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server Service.
  • Right click the entry and choose Restart.
  • Attempt the Proxy Sync operation again.

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