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Error "Incompatible Software : PGP" displayed even though PGP has been removed
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If you are using ESET Endpoint Encryption Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on a machine that has PGP encryption installed or it was previously installed and has been removed, you may receive an error when starting encryption as shown below:

ESET Endpoint Encryption (Managed)

The compatibility warning dialog displays - Incompatible Software : PGP.


A dialog appears explaining - The compatibility check has detected the following driver : PGP Whole Disk Encryption Driver



To resolve this problem you must remove the PGP product that is installed.  The check within ESET Endpoint Encryption is looking for the existence of the PGPwded driver. 

If you have already used the uninstall for PGP and the error is occurring then you should follow the steps on the PGP site appropriate for your product for a complete uninstall.  One such guide can be found here:


If your system is managed by an ESET Endpoint Encryption Server, once you have removed the software you must refresh the record of the workstation before starting encryption again as detailed here: I made changes to my client configuration, how do I update the Enterprise Servers record of this machine?


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