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How do I modify workstation policy?
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Workstation Policy can be used to control how ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE Server) controlled workstations function.  To modify the Workstation Policy settings follow the guide below.

Modifying the Workstation Policy

  • Login to the EEE Server.
  • Select the Workstations branch or workstation sub team of the navigation tree as appropriate.
  • Select the Workstation Policy tab of the main view.
  • Select the policy setting you wish to modify in the Workstation Policy list.
  • Click the Change Setting button.

  • Modify the setting as required.

  • Click the OK button.
  • Repeat the changing of settings for any other policies you wish to update.


Applying the change to the workstations

Updating Existing Users

If you make modifications to the Workstation Policy in the EEE Server, existing activated machines that have been affected by the change will show in the EEE Server with a red colour workstation icon and the status will display as Requires policy update

This indicates that their workstation policy is now out of date and needs updating with the changes you have made.

In order to update these workstations with the new policy you will need to select them in the Workstations list then click the Update Policy button.

The machines icon colour will change to orange indicating the new policy has been sent.  Once the new policy has been received the workstations icon will change back to blue in colour and the status will display as Normal.

Policy updates happen as part of the periodic check in process of clients with the EEE Server.  If you require this process can be forced to happen immediately as detailed here: How do I manually synchronise the ESET Endpoint Encryption Client and Server? 

It should be noted that only machines which have been activated by a user will appear in the Workstations list in order to be able to be updated in this way. 

Updating workstations which have not activated 

If the machine has not yet been activated or as an alternate method you can update the Workstation Policy of a machine by downloading a registry file for the system by selecting the Workstation Policy tab and then clicking the Download Settings File button.  The registry file can be applied to the machine manually.  If you use this route you should refresh the EEE Server record by following the steps here: I made changes to my client workstation, how do I update the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server of this?

Updating future workstations

From this point on the workstation policy obtained when pushing the install will contain the new policy.

If you use the MSI package to install new clients then a new client install package can be downloaded containing the updated Workstation Policy by following the guide here: How do I download a merged install for installation on a Workstation?


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