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How do I decrypt a Standalone Workstation that is unable to boot Windows? (UEFI BIOS ONLY)
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To decrypt a Standalone UEFI BIOS Workstation, you must boot the Workstation using our ESET Endpoint Encryption Recovery Utility and follow the on-screen instructions to decrypt the disk(s).

Preparing the ESET Encryption Recovery Utility





  • Safely eject the USB drive.

Decrypting the Workstation using the ESET Encryption Recovery Utility

Please Note: If the Workstation being recovered is a laptop you should ensure it is connected to its power supply before starting the decryption process.

  • Enter the BIOS settings on the Workstation in need of recovery.
  • Disable the Secure Boot setting. This is required for the Recovery tool to work correctly. It is recommended to re-enable the Secure Boot setting after the recovery is finished.
  • Open the Boot manager on the target workstation and select USB as the first boot option. It is recommended to revert this change after the recovery is finished.
  • Save and exit the BIOS and turn the Workstation off.
  • Insert the Recovery USB drive and boot the Workstation.
  • If the device has booted correctly, you will see the image below.
  • Select the option to Decrypt all encrypted disks (using credentials)

  • The following warning will be displayed. Enter Y to proceed.


  • Please select the user you wish to use in order to decrypt the system and enter the password.


  • Once the Workstation has completed the decryption, follow the on-screen instructions to shutdown.
  • Revert the BIOS setting changes made earlier and remove the USB device before booting normally.

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