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How do I allow a user to suspend RME policy temporarily?
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For most users the normal ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server RME group policy and workstation policies provide enough flexibility. 

In instances where a particular user or group of users requires the ability to temporarily override policy and allow themselves open access the EEE Server offers the option to temporarily suspend RME policy.

So in a scenario where a user's removable media policy is blocked the Windows Explorer interface might be displayed as below where the removable drives are being blocked.

By setting the Group Policy setting named Maximum allowed RME suspend period to a value other than Suspend Prohibited will show an extra item on the user's removable media menu called Temporarily Suspend Policy.   

Note: You will need to ensure you use the Update Policy button in the Enterprise Server to enforce any Group Policy changes to existing activated clients.

Selecting the option to temporarily suspend the policy will prompt the user how long they wish to suspend for.  This maximum is set by the Maximum allowed RME suspend period

Additionally if the Group Policy setting named Require user to reauthenticate before suspending RME is also enabled then the user will be required to enter their Key-File password to allow the suspension to happen.

Once the system has suspended its RME policy removable media access will be temporarily available.

The original RME settings will return after the allotted time has been reached or can be forced to happen immediately by using the Re-enable Policy menu entry from the tray menu.

By applying the Group Policy change to a specific EEE Server sub team you can make this option available only to the users contained within that sub team.


These policies should only be used where required, in most cases the normal RME policy settings will provide the flexibility and security a site should need.


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