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How do I upgrade the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server?
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There is no special procedure to follow to upgrade your ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server, you can simply download and install the latest version of the EEE Server straight over the top of your current installation and in doing so will not cause you to lose any of your settings, licences or users. 

Upgrading the EEE Server

There are two installers to choose from: Standalone or All-in-one.

If you download the Standalone installer, this will only upgrade the EEE Server. This will require you to add the new client version manually by following this article: KB82 - How do I upload a new client version into the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server?

By downloading the All-in-one installer, you will also have both versions of the client included in the EEE Server too as well as upgrading your PHP, Apache and SQL if it is needed to be upgraded. You can download the latest version of the EEE Server by clicking on the link to our website:

Upgrading Client Workstations

Please see: KB203 - How to upgrade ESET Endpoint Encryption (managed)

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