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Error "This is a network folder and cannot be encrypted using ESET Endpoint Encryption" displayed when attempting to encrypt a network folder
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The ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) client does not currently allow the encryption of network folders. Attempts to encrypt a network folder will be blocked and display an error dialog as pictured below:

Attempts to access an encrypted folder that is shared across a network will be blocked even if the remote user has EEE installed with the same encryption key available. 

Only local user's access attempts will be able to access the folder through local paths, providing they are logged in to EEE and have the correct encryption key.

There are some alternative solutions if you need to store data network storage in an encrypted form:

Encrypted Files & Encrypted Archives

You can store encrypted containers inside a network folder such as encrypted files & encrypted archives.  These need to have data decrypted out of them in order to access the contents.

Virtual Disks

Depending on requirements the Encrypted Virtual Disk can be used from network storage.  These containers are mounted data accessed directly without requiring manual decryption first.  The limitation of a Virtual Disk in shared environments is that only the first user to mount the Virtual Disk gets read/write access, subsequent users get read access until all users have un-mounted the disk.

In all cases only those users that have the appropriate encryption key will be able to gain access to the encrypted data, so it can act as a second layer of access control.

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