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How do I manually synchronise the ESET Endpoint Encryption Client and Server?
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How do I manually synchronise the ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) Server and EEE client?


By default both the EEE Server and client will check for updates with the cloud proxy once every hour.

It is possible to manually check for updates on both the EEE Server and client.  This allows operations to be forced to happen immediately if required. 

To do this please follow the steps outlined below:


  • Right click on the EEE icon on the taskbar.
  • Click the Proxy Sync menu item.


Note: on systems where the EEE icon is not already in the main tray menu display you may need to use the up arrow in order to see the icon as pictured below.

ESET Endpoint Encryption Server

  • Login to your EEE Server.
  • Click the Proxy Sync button in the bottom left corner of the EEE Server web interface.

  • After a few seconds the Status display should return to OK and the last synchronised time will update.


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