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Restart Web Server error when reconfiguring SSL
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When using the SSL auto configuration features of the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server (EEE Server) (available in EEE Server 2.5.0 or later), it requires the Apache configuration file is changed and the Apache service is restarted.

This is done automatically by the EEE Console Server. When this happens, a backup of the existing Apache configuration is made before modifying it, and if problems are detected it will attempt to revert any changes it has made and return Apache to a working configuration. However it is possible this could fail and the Javascript running in the EEE Console browser may never be able to regain access to the web server.

If this happens, the following error is displayed:

Apache restart failure message

Try to refresh the browser first

Before continuing, you should first attempt to refresh your browser e.g. by pressing the refresh button or pressing F5.

A known example of where this error could be disaplyed is when changing SSL certificates to a certificate that is self-signed or not trusted by the web browser. In such a situation the user must manually confirm the certificate can be used before the AJAX calls will work.

When you refresh your browser, you may see a message about the certificate. For example it may be something like these below:

Internet Explorer certificate warning
Mozilla Firefox SSL certificate warning
Google Chrome SSL certificate warning

You must manually accept the certificate before the browser will allow access to the EEE Server.

If however the error indicates the browser is not accessible, you should revert the changes made to your configuration.

Manually revert Apache configuration changes

  • Log onto the console of the EEE Server machine
  • Open the Apache Service Monitor and make sure the Apache service is stopped

Apache Service Monitor

  • Navigate to the folder C:\Program Files\DESlock+ HTTP\conf (or C:\Program Files (x86)\DESlock+ HTTP\conf)
  • Locate a file similar to "httpd.conf.backup DDMMYYYY HHMMSS" (where DDMMYYY is the date, and HHMMSS the time, that the backup was made). Find the most recent version.
  • Locate a file called httpd.conf and rename this, or make a copy.
  • Rename the backup file above to httpd.conf
  • From the Apache Service Monitor attempt to start the Apache service

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