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What happens when my ESET Endpoint Encryption licence expires?
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 ESET Endpoint Encryption (EEE) licences are available as Subscription, Perpetual or Trial. This article describes what happens to the EEE software when a licence expires and how it affects your encrypted data.

Subscription and Trial Licences

When a EEE Subscription or Trial licence expires a warning will be displayed when you login to the EEE client.  This message will be shown everytime you login to EEE until your licence is renewed or you have upgraded your Trial to a full licence.

Existing encrypted data can still be accessed and decrypted, this covers all types of data encrypted with EEE, including encrypted Files, Folders, Emails, Archives, Virtual Disks, All types of Removable Media. Systems which have been encrypted using Full Disk Encryption will continue to work and can be decrypted.

EEE will not allow any new data to be encrypted and will display the warning message when encryption is attempted. This includes starting full disk encryption. Renewing your licence will re-enable the encryption functionality.


Perpetual Licences

Perpetual licences do not expire, they do however have a Support and Maintenance expiry date.

Once the Support and Maintenance expires, you will no longer be entitled to receive technical support or software updates. The currently installed version of EEE will continue to function as normal, however it will display that the Support and Maintenance has expired in the about box or licence screen of an EEE Server.


Upgrading or renewing the licence

Once you have purchased an upgrade or renewal you will need to update the software with the new licence, please see the following articles:

For standalone EEE licences : KB73 - How to manually update your licence

For licences managed by an EEE Server : KB76 - How do I resync my licences?


ESET Endpoint Encryption Server

If you are managing EEE with an EEE Server, the EEE client will behave exactly as described above when a licence expires. The EEE Server will continue to function as before, however you will be unable to:

  • Activate a user with an expired licence*
  • Start Full Disk Encryption for a user with an expired licence*
  • Add a Full Disk Encryption (FDE) Login for a user with an expired licence*

*expired licence refers to an expired subscription or trial, but not a perpetual licence with expired support and maintenance. Users with perpetual licences will continue to operate as normal if the support and maintenance expires.


The licences panel in the EEE shows details of the licence including the expiry dates.

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