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Error "The file exists" when attempting to push-install to a workstation which used to have DESlock+ installed
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Please note: This article only applies to the DESlock+ Enterprise Server version 2.4.5 and earlier.

If you attempt to push DESlock+ to a workstation, you may encounter the error "The file exists", as below.

error message

The reason is due to a file called DlpRIMSrv.exe already existing on the target machine. This file may have been left over from a previous successful install of DESlock+, or a previous failed attempt to push DESlock+.

The file is located in the %SystemRoot% folder (which is by default will be C:\Windows). This file will need to be deleted before you can push the remote install. Once deleted, retry sending the push install command to the target machine.

 Alternatively you can download an MSI install package from the Enterprise Server to install directly on the client, to do this:

  1. Select 'Organisation: #your org name#' from the left hand 'Navigation' pane.
  2. Select the 'Client Installs' tab.
  3. Select the install appropriate for your target machine.
  4. Click the Download Merged Install button.

Save the downloaded file for installation on the target machine.

download merged install

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